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Rent an e-bike in Hagnau

From €30/day

Rent an e-bike in Hagnau

Discover the lake in all its diversity and consciously enjoy nature, with our modern e-bikes you can experience exactly that in a relaxed and comfortable way.
Longer stretches in particular are often difficult to cover with a normal bicycle. That's why so many people are switching to an e-bike
to explore and also to easily reach destinations that are further away. The powerful battery of our e-bikes supports you for a distance of approx. 100 kilometres.
In collaboration with our bicycle and e-bike specialist dealers, we have the following e-bikes on offer for you:

Our selection of e-bikes:

Our e-bikes in Hagnau

We offer 2 different e-bikes in Hagnau on Lake Constance

E-Bike mieten Hagnau

From €30/day

Winora Sinus R8f eco Wave i 500Wh 8-G Nexus

The Winora Sinus R8f eco Wave i 500 Wh 8-G Nexus is a high-quality e-bike with a powerful 500 watt-hour battery that ensures an impressive range. With the reliable 8-speed Nexus rear derailleur, it offers a comfortable and versatile riding option for different terrains and requirements.

From 40 € / day

Charger4 GT vario

The Charger4 GT vario is characterized by its versatile vario function, which allows the rider to quickly and easily adjust the seating position and the handlebars. This feature makes the e-bike particularly adaptable and ergonomic, resulting in improved riding comfort and an individual riding experience.

Rent an e-bike cheaply in Hagnau


Modern e-bikes at fair prices

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Included for free

In order to equip you optimally for a trip, the following is always included in your booking

bicycle helmet

bike lock

Handlebar bag with viewing window

(only for E-Bike Sinus)

bike basket

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Rent an e-bike in Hagnau

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To make it as easy as possible for you to rent an e-bike on Lake Constance, you can enter your preferred period of time online and reserve an available e-bike.

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Rent an e-bike in Hagnau