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General terms and conditions for e-bikes

Our rental conditions for e-bikes / pedelecs

The rental object are pedelecs in the following e-bikes or bicycles.

  1. The rental contract is only concluded in connection with a valid identity card or passport.
    2. With the handover of the e-bike, including accessories, the property, liability and operational risk is transferred to the renter.
    3. In the case of minors, rentals can only be made by the legal representatives or supervisors.
    4. The rent is to be paid before departure.
    5. Damage to or with the e-bike and theft must be reported to the lessor immediately.
    6. The tenant is liable for any damage, incompleteness or theft.
    7. When the e-bike is returned, it will be checked for any damage and completeness.
    8. In the event of late return, the full daily price of the rental item will be charged. If the e-bike is not returned, a notice of loss will be issued.



  1. The tenant is liable for intent or gross negligence.
    2. The renter must return the e-bike in the same condition in which he received it.
    3. The lessee is liable for culpable damage to the bicycle and for damage caused by using the bicycle and for breach of contractual obligations.
    4. If a third party compensates the lessor for the damage, the lessee is released from his obligation to compensate.
    5. The landlord assumes no liability for accidents / personal injury to the tenant or third parties involved in the damage.


Tenant Obligations

  1. The lessee undertakes to treat the bicycles with care and in compliance with the technical rules and to only park them in locked, safe places. The bicycles must be secured outside of closed rooms on a fixed object (e.g. fixed stand, lantern, etc.) with the rented locks on the bicycle frame. Overnight and for multi-day rentals, the bicycles must be parked in closed rooms.
    2. The lessee undertakes to inform the lessor of any defects that have occurred during the rental period in the reproduction of the bicycle without being asked.


accident/ theft

  1. The lessee undertakes to notify the police and the lessor immediately if a bicycle has been involved in an accident or has been lost through theft. In the event of an accident, the tenants must submit a detailed, written report to the landlord, together with a sketch. In particular, the report on the accident must contain the names and addresses of the persons involved and any witnesses, as well as the registration number of any vehicles involved.
    2. The renter confirms that all users of the bicycles have health insurance or pay for the costs of medical treatment themselves.
    3. The bicycles are not insured against accidents, unauthorized use and theft.
    4. In the event of theft, loss, partial loss or damage, the lessee is liable up to the amount of the respective replacement value of the rental items. (incl. batteries, handlebar bag etc.)
  2. The renter confirms that all users of the bicycles have liability insurance or pay for the costs covered by this insurance themselves.



  1. If a repair becomes necessary, the landlord bears the costs if the cause is neither due to improper treatment by the tenants nor to their fault. The tenants are responsible for the latter circumstances.
    3. Missing, damaged and lost items will be charged at replacement cost.
    4. In the event of defects in the bicycle that prevent further travel, the lessor must be informed immediately and the bicycle handed in at the point of issue. If possible and necessary, a spare wheel will be provided.


handing over

The e-bike is in roadworthy, technically flawless condition and ready for use. The renter has convinced himself of this by taking a test drive. The renter was instructed in the operation of the e-bike. Please drive carefully and use a bicycle helmet!